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Who is PSS

•In PSS, we believe that customer is the great asset for any business,and every customer should be treated as if he/she is the only one.

•Unfortunately,  most of unsatisfied customers will not complain, instead, they will leave you  spreading their negative impressions to everyone they know, and definitely your competitor is the winner here. 

•Our role is to let you get closer to your customer to listen freely to their feed back about your product.

•We started offering our services since 2008 to some of the well known brands in Egypt who admired the idea due to its great impact on their customer satisfaction &enhancing their profits

"Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves "-Steve Jobs


•To Know how your company is from a customer’s perspective ”strengths and weaknesses”

•To Check your staff compliance to the standards and rules you set to run your business

• To motivate your staff  “by linking the results of mystery shoppers reports to incentive program”

•To monitor  your pricing policy 

•To Spot any deficiency in your service cycle and having the opportunity to take a prompt action “sometimes before it can be noticed by a natural customer”

•To be your best guide while designing ,modifying ,evaluating the efficiency of any training program for  your staff

•To Focous on the specific behaviors that will create customer delight and positively impact your sales and profitability.

Why PSS ?

• Simply, it is not a job, We love what we do 

•In PSS, we don't act as a service provider we do care about your success and consider our selves a part of it

•Our shoppers are Properly selected and extensively trained to get you the data you need 

• Our team is Dedicated to guarantee 100% Data verification & thus reports accuracy

• Flexible designs  for the best check list you will use to evaluate your business based on your actual needs

• Availability of Variable forms for how we analyze your reports data  

• Best prices compared to the value you are getting from our service




Our Clients

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On site evaluation

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On line evaluation

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  • Basel Mashhour TBS Cofounder

    In TBS, our main concern was to measure the level of hospitality and cash control. PSS helped TBS brand and staff members to uplift their performance through rigid monitoring/ reporting as well as enabling TBS to implement a proper KPI system that is based on figures rather than subjective evaluations. PSS team success relies mainly on their proactivity. Almost every month PSS team approaches us with new ideas on how to better serve our respectable customers, how to better control our staff, how to review checklist points to reflect on ground experiences
  • Diaa Marey Lapoire Quality Manager

    Mystery shopping was very effective tool to measure our products consistency, customers satisfaction and their feed back about general atmosphere of our branches. PSS is characterized by the honesty of their reports &speed of implantation of our requests which helped us to see the real picture for where we stand and take the needed actions immediately
  • Basel Mashhour TBS Cofounder
  • Diaa Marey Lapoire Quality Manager


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