• Concept ?

    Concept ?

    Is a service in which the Mystery shopper pose as an ordinary customer to evaluate the quality & service offered by the assigned brands of course without declaring his task to any of the serving team members

  • Am I qualified ?

    Am I qualified ?

    Previous experience is preferred but not a must, we only ask you to be :
    • Accurate and Honest in notes taking process
    • Able to remember the details
    • Adhere to our report submissions deadline explained in each assignment
    • Having an access to a Computer & Internet
    • Write a clear and concise report about your findings

  • I am disclosed !

    I am disclosed !

    • You will complete your visit normally and we will ask then another shopper to repeat it
    • Unlike other companies, your expenses will be refunded for any disclosed visit conditioned that we knew this from you not from our client

  • Assignments?


    • In PSS, we are very flexible with assignments selection
    • We appreciate that most of our shoppers will not be fully dedicated for such a task
    • Through reviewing your profile and preferred shopping areas and times, a group of assignments will be sent each month to choose what suits you
    • You are free to reject or accept any visit before approving your assignments
    • If the task was already sent to you, you have to do it on the agreed time or inform us minimum 4 days earlier to your excepted visit date for any changes

  • Payment ?

    Payment ?

    • The exact fees will be sent to you in each visit assignment. The value differ according to each client and each visit type
    • You will be either reimbursed for the cost of your purchased items or paid additional values based on report difficulty
    • Unlike other companies who pay after long time, in PSS you will get all your fees at the end of each month either by bank transfer or any other way that suits you

  • Registration


    • Fill the application
    • Sample test



    I agree to provide true and accurate personal information
    • To avoid any possibility of bias, I will not accept any assignment to shop a business that has employed me, a member of my household or immediate family, or any close friends
    • I will not share any information with others about my visits data or results for any client
    • I will not contact any client directly or disclose my identity unless as a shopper given clear instructions by PSS to do that
    • I agree to give immediate notice if I cannot perform a shop for any reason.
    • I agree to return follow up calls or e-mails from PSS team personnel within 24 hours.
    • I agree to perform all shops personally and not recruit others to fulfill my assignments
    • I agree to use PSS tools ”camera, recorders, pens..etc “ for the purpose of writing my report only
    • I agree to pay for any and all services required at the time of the shop prior to receiving my fees at the end of each month
    • I understand that some companies may use their surveillance record to match my report data with the recorded interactions, if any discrepancies were found, I will not be paid for this visit at all
    • I agree that I will not be paid my visit fees in case of the following :
    • Any discrepancies were found between my report data & company surveillance record was proven
    • Sending the report and payment receipt after the agreed deadline time
    • Not adhering to the visit conditions mentioned in each assignments


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