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Mystery Shopper Application

General Information
Demographic profile
Shopper Information
Shopper BANK Information
Shopper Nomination
Saturday, 20 July 2024 19:09
Independent Contractor Agreement
Please read ths agreement carefuly. It sets forth the terms and conditions of your relation with PSS
Mystery Shopper is an independent contractor.From time to time, PSS may request your Mystery Shopping services. Nothing in this Agreement or otherwise shall be construed as constituting Mystery Shopper as an agent, employee or legal representative of PSS for any purpose whatsoever. Mystery Shopper is not authorized to transact business, incur obligations, sell goods or services, receive payments, solicit orders or assign or create any obligation of any kind, express or implied, on behalf of PSS.
SSA will send you shopping assignments on an as-needed basis. You are under no obligation to accept any assignment nor is PSS obligated to provide you with assignments. In the event that you choose not to accept an assignment you agree to notify SSA promptly. The amount of compensation for each shopping assignment is a flat fee and may include normal expenses you may incur. PSS provides additional expense allowance in applicable circumstances when pre-approved in writing by PSS. If PSS allows for reimbursement of defined expense it will be stated on the assignment sheet. Also stated on the assignment sheet will be the maximum amount that will be reimbursed. All reimbursements require Mystery Shopper to submit an applicable receipt when requested. All additional expense allowances that may be allowed by PSS must be pre-approved in writing by PSS. Mystery Shopper agrees that he or she will not accept an assignment if Mystery Shopper an immediate family member, employee, or ex-employee of a client to which Mystery Shopper is assigned. Mystery Shopper warrants that he or she shall not break any law, nor intentionally injure client in any way while conducting a Mystery Shop for PSS Mystery Shopper shall indemnify and defend PSS in any litigation based upon Intentional misconduct of Mystery Shopper.
From time to time PSS may provide certain copyrighted materials to Mystery Shopper. Mystery Shopper is granted a limited license to use these materials only when Mystery Shopper is working for PSS. Mystery Shopper will not duplicate or disseminate any of PSS's materials without prior written consent of PSS.
In the course of performing Mystery Shopping duties, Mystery Shopper may be exposed to information sensitive to client and or PSS, all such information shall be deemed to be a TRADE SECRET with in the broadest possible definition of the term. Mystery Shopper agrees to keep confidential any such trade secrets.
6. Ethics and standards
PSS Mystery Shoppers conform to the following MSPA principles adapted by PSS: Commit, in principle, to the purposes of the association: improving service and promoting excellence in the mystery shopping industry; Conduct mystery shopping services in an honest and ethical manner; Conduct mystery shopping services according to industry procedures and regulations set forth and agreed to by MSPA members; Instill confidence in mystery shopping and encourage public cooperation; Instill confidence in the business community that mystery shopping is performed in a professional and fair manner; Respect our clients, their employees, our employees, fellow MSPA members, and the general public. MSPA expects members to follow principles of honesty, professionalism, fairness and confidentiality to guard the interests of the public and our clients in order to promote good business practices. In addition, we agree to the following Rules of Ethical Conduct in that we will not: falsify or misrepresent reports; mislead shopper applicants on actual job opportunities regarding mystery shopping; ask or encourage anyone to break confidentiality agreements with other firms for whom they conduct mystery shopping assignments; use any MSPA media to publish complaints against shoppers, vendors, clients, or other mystery shopper providers; refuse to pay, or make a deduction from a shopper's pay, for failure to perform any function which was not explicitly described in written instructions. will not charge individuals to become shoppers or to gain access to shopping opportunities.
By filling and submitting this application, I agree that I have read and understood all of the Mystery Shopping Guidelines. I agree to all the stipulations, terms and conditions outlined in the above agreement and I affirm that the information that I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
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